My Published Articles

I like to write. When you run a blog I guess that bit is self evident. I review articles for Women Testers and get the occasional invite from other magazines and book authors. I’ve been lucky enough to have articles published in testing magazines. Below details of articles I have authored or co-authored. You can access all of these through the menu.

  • Stress and work – Strategies that keep you moving forwards – Women Testers, Edition 6, October 2015
  • It’s on my list – One piece of the quality jigsaw – Women Testers, Edition 7, January 2016
  • Testers FAQ on certifications – Testing Circus – Volume 7, Edition 1, January 2016
  • Management and trust – So simple, so complex, so important – Testing Trapeze, April 2016
  • Guest editorial – Women Testers – Edition 8, April 2016
  • Transforming a Test Manager into a Test Leader – Test Magazine, May 2016