My Social Commitments

I’ve been fortunate to stumble into software testing. It has provided me with a lot of fun, some travel and I’ve learnt a lot. I’ve met many, many interesting people. I’ve had a number of careers across my lifetime but testing is the only one that has kept me completely engrossed. All of that and I get paid as well. My luck is a result of others helping me along the way. My social activities are my attempt to pay back some of what I have received along my travels.

I have been involved in several test conferences as an organiser, I have presented at test meet ups, conferences and at various company lunch and learns. I review test articles prior to publication for Women Testers and Testing Trapeze magazines and I’ve written and co-authored a number of articles for test magazines (which can be accessed from “MY PUBLISHED ARTICLES” in the main menu).

I am exceptionally proud to be a co-founder of the EPIC TestAbility Academy