Because you asked – Part 2

This post is part of a series of posts that responds to questions raised by people on LinkedIn. The original LinkedIn post can be found here. Feel free to add to the LinkedIn thread if you have a question or idea you would like me to consider. As I launch into the second post of … More Because you asked – Part 2


The Myths of Testing

I find it interesting how themes can pop up and attract attention on social media. Sometimes when I see a theme that is misguided, I’ll sometimes chip in, other times I’ll just shrug. A theme I see pop up reasonably often is the one focused on “testing myths”. So, what is a myth? If you describe a … More The Myths of Testing

The thrill of testing

I gave myself 60 minutes to write a blog about my day and the excitement that testing brings me. For better or worse, here it is. I’ve written in previous posts and articles that I find testing enormously satisfying and challenging. Every challenge is unique in some ways but often similar in other ways. Testing … More The thrill of testing